Do you have a plan if your dog gets lost

Your pet is a family member and you want them to be safe at all times. When your pet gets loose, you don’t want to waste a minute. If you don’t already have a plan to put into action if your dog gets lost, take a few minutes to think through the following items.


In order to be proactive about losing your dog, microchipping is a great idea. Wherever your dog is found, he can be scanned and that microchip will lead right back to you. If he’s picked up at a shelter or clinic, they will call you and let you know your dog is safe and sound. All thanks to the microchip. Make sure the information regarding your address is up to date on that microchip for the best results.

Have Quality Pictures

If you need to make posters or put your dog’s image out there in other manners, it is good to have good quality pictures from a lot of different angles. Sure, you take pictures of your dog on a regular basis, but pay attention to how you take them and put the quality pictures in a different folder so you have easy access if you ever need them.

Make the Collar a Must

Make sure your dog is never outside without his collar, complete with identification tags. It is best for him to wear it at all times, even inside your home and yard, because you never know when he might get out and take off. Having a collar on will give him a good chance at finding his way home. If anyone runs across him, they will know who to call and where he belongs.

Make Posters

If your dog gets out and you want to take action right away, make up some posters to distribute around the neighbourhood. Make it simple and put “Lost Dog” on the top in large letters. Include a picture and brief description along with your name and phone number in large letters. You can put these up on poles around the neighbourhood so if anyone sees your dog, they know where he goes.

Call By Name

As you look around the area yourself, walk around and call for your pet by name. Tell everyone searching your dog’s name so they know what to say when they see a dog that looks like yours. If you are driving, drive slowly, roll the windows down, listen, and call your pet by name,

Put a Call Out on Social Media

In Nova Scotia, we have a great resource in Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network. With almost 30,000 followers, they are a great resource to share with.

Your friends and neighbours are constantly connected on social media. Put a call out as soon as your dog is missing and it’s possible someone you know will have seen him. The connections on social media are endless and you never know who might find your dog and where.

Thinking through your options when your dog is safely in your house is a good way to prevent panic if he gets out and gets lost. You can follow a few simple steps and get him home much faster that way. The best thing to do in these situations is to simply keep at it. Don’t give up! Your dog is out there somewhere and while he may make it home on his own, he has a lot better chance with your help.

To learn more about microchipping your pet, click here.