Meet Amy, Our Clinic Cat

Many of our clients have gotten to know Amy, our sweet clinic cat over the years. We wanted to let everyone know that she is doing fantastic. She is spending her ‘golden’ years sleeping under the front desk and roaming room to room looking for a shoulder to snuggle on. Her preferred shoulders to snuggle on are Melissa and Annette.

Amy has been with us for 17 years! She was born at our original location in Fairview on Sunnybrea Ave and was soon adopted out as a kitten. But Amy always knew where she belonged because she kept finding her way back to us. At the age of 2, Amy was officially adopted by Fairview Animal Hospital. Amy had a great gig; she was around people all of the time, she was fed high-quality food (and treats of course!), she got the best medical care whenever she needed it, and she helped people learn and practice new techniques such as blood draws, ultrasound, radiology and more. She was always happy to help, although she has retired from that now.

Having a clinic cat helps us in so many ways, especially on tough days when we need a snuggle. She enjoys joining our morning rounds and sneaking into the treatment area when she knows she’s not allowed. She continues to be spunky (especially around mealtime), and she will be sure to let us know if we’re 5 minutes late with her breakfast.

Some of Amy’s pastimes include; chasing her tail (which she can never seem to catch), playing peek-a-boo around every corner and then running away (she thinks this is so funny), and, finally, lying stretched out on the reception counter waiting for clients to gently scratch her belly. You can still find her today, occasionally lying on the counter waiting for that belly scratch!

If you catch our beautiful clinic cat walking around our hallways, be sure to say hello!

Check out the photos below to see what her life at the clinic is like!

Amy as a kitten

Amy’s 10th Birthday

Amy’s Sweet 16

Frisky Amy


Valentine Amy

Dental Month Amy

Written by: Victoria, RVT and Melissa, RVT