Keeping Your Dog Warm This Winter

The cold weather is finally upon us! Are your fur friends prepared for this cold weather? We have some tips to keep your dog warm and protected from the cold this season.

Try to limit the amount of prolonged time spent outdoors for them. If going outdoors, you may want to try dressing your pet in warm dog jackets and boots. Many pet retail places sell pet clothing, or you can find appropriate pet clothing online as well.

Some dogs may not require jackets. However, some short-haired dogs such as Boxers and older dogs or puppies may need extra warmth as they might not be able to regulate their body temperatures effectively in the cold. Dogs such as Greyhounds may also require ‘Snoods’ which covers most of the head and neck for extra warmth.

Another way to keep your furry friend protected this winter is booties! Booties will help protect their paws from the cold, ice, salt and other antifreeze products that may be used during this time of year. Booties also help protect their paws from cracks and cuts that may occur from the ice and salt.

After being outside in the colder temperatures, the best way to make sure they stay warm is to snuggle up with them in a nice cozy blanket!