How to Choose a Dog Trainer

Training with your dog or puppy is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your canine friend.One of the most common questions we get asked is who do we recommend for adult and puppy training and socialization? Trainers can provide invaluable knowledge, support and guidance that can enhance your relationship with your dog and bring out the best in him or her.

We at Fairview Animal Hospital suggest you keep the following in mind when choosing your trainer:

  1. Choose a reward based training program
  2. Make sure your trainer is also a good teacher
  3. Choose a trainer who is committed to their knowledge
  4. Choose a trainer who is respectful to you and your dog
  5. Choose a humble trainer
  6. Choose a trainer who knows when to collaborate
  7. Choose a trainer who puts health first

A few of our recommendations are:

  1. Sublime Canine |  Amy and Adina McRae
  2. Unleashed Pawsabilities |  Tamara McFarland
  3. Voice4Dogs |  Silvia Jay
  4. Partners for Life Canine Education | Brenda Potter

Written by: Charlene Gallo, Site Coordinator/RVT



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