I grew up in Fredericton, NB and graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Oulton College in 2017. I was the proud recipient of the EVTA award for excellence and professionalism in my field of study.

After working at the Fredericton SPCA for several years, I decided to pursue schooling in animal medicine.

The part of the veterinary industry that I wish to pursue a specialty in is exotic animal medicine.

A fun fact about me is that I love walking my two dogs; Chase and Callie and I love to travel.


dog with muzzle

Your Dog's Fear is Real

Fear in dogs is not unusual in a veterinary office setting, just as we may have some fear or trepidation surrounding doctor or dentist visits for ourselves. Labels for these dogs have sometimes been applied in years gone by, such as “bad” or “vicious,” but we now know much more about fear responses in dogs,and fear-based aggression can be excruciatingly real for these canine patients.

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