Although some provincial COVID restrictions have been removed, Fairview Animal Hospital recommends all clients continue to wear masks inside the hospital as a layer of protection from COVID-19. Masks are a proven way to limit the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces and helps to keep us all as safe as possible.




I grew up in Cape Breton, NS where I lived until I moved to Moncton, NB to go to Oulton College for the veterinary technician program in which I graduated from in 2020. Now I live in Halifax with my two cats Kai, and Kit. I always knew I wanted to work with animals and help owners provide them with the best care possible. I find dental care and procedures, nutrition, and exotic medicine really interesting in vet medicine.

My favourite part about my job at Fairview is getting to meet all the clients, and help their fur babies and how helpful and supportive all the staff here are to each other.

Fun fact about me is that in my free time I like to go on day trips and explore different places around Nova Scotia and I also enjoy riding spin bikes.


Does My Cat Need to See a Vet?

In an ideal world, our feline companions would remain happy and healthy their whole lives. A reality of caring for a living creature is that they get sick or need a check-up from time to time.

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