Growing up here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I had a passion for working with animals from a very early age. A large portion of my childhood was spent caring for my “patients” (my abundance of stuffed animals). My passion for working with animals led me to Truro, NS, where I obtained my BSc in Agricultural Science with a major in Animal Sciences. After graduating with my degree, I completed a wildlife rehabilitation internship program at Hope for Wildlife in Seaforth, NS. Shortly afterwards, I explored a few different occupations across the Maritime provinces; an Animal Care Technician at Memorial University in Newfoundland and then a Ruminant Nutritionist in Prince Edward Island, before deciding to settle back in Nova Scotia. I packed my bags, this time accompanied by my new fur-baby, Cedric (pictured above), and searched for a job in my hometown. I was excited to hear of a job opening at The Fairview Animal Hospital and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to join this amazing team as CRS/OPA. I truly believe I have found the job that perfectly balances what I enjoy most; working with and helping to care for animals and interacting with a very diverse group of coworkers and clients. My favourite part of this job is that I continue to learn something new every single day.

A fun fact about me is that I spend a lot of my free time on my boyfriend’s dairy farm (who I met at university while completing my degree) in Gore, NS. I love helping out around the farm, naming each and every cow, and especially enjoy getting to bottle-feed cute calves.


dog with muzzle

Your Dog's Fear is Real

Fear in dogs is not unusual in a veterinary office setting, just as we may have some fear or trepidation surrounding doctor or dentist visits for ourselves. Labels for these dogs have sometimes been applied in years gone by, such as “bad” or “vicious,” but we now know much more about fear responses in dogs,and fear-based aggression can be excruciatingly real for these canine patients.

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