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I grew up in Nova Scotia, where I still live with my three dogs and horse. I attended Dalhousie Agricultural Campus where I graduated with a degree in Veterinary Technology in 2022. I chose this field as I've always wanted a career working with animals, where I can help animals receive the best care. I love working at Fairview Animal Hospital, as all staff members are so helpful, and the gold standard of care and fear-free practice is always a top priority.

I am most interested in behavioural management, as I myself have had personal experience with anxious dogs.

A fun fact about me is that I will always spend any free time I have at the barn with my horse!


Does My Cat Need to See a Vet?

In an ideal world, our feline companions would remain happy and healthy their whole lives. A reality of caring for a living creature is that they get sick or need a check-up from time to time.

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