After moving from New Brunswick, via Manitoba and then Saskatchewan, my family settled in PEI where I grew up in Summerside. I obtained my biology degree at St. FX University after graduating from high school. Following my graduation in 2017, I attended the Dal AC to obtain my diploma in veterinary technology in 2019.

I chose to enter veterinary medicine after working with animals while carrying out research at StFX and volunteering at the SPCA. I love the difference I can make in the lives of clients and pets every day. I find animals to be the best patients to have and I love that every day at work brings something new.

I feel very lucky to work at a clinic with such fantastic coworkers. Everyone brings their own unique and valuable experiences and skills.

My favourite aspects of veterinary medicine include laboratory work and directly assisting the veterinarians in appointments.

A fun fact about myself is that I spent a couple of summers during university dedicated to studying a type of fish called the mummichog. They are fascinating as they can withstand extreme environmental conditions and were the first species of fish to travel to space.


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