I choose the Veterinary field because I have always had a love for animals and in meeting Dr. Ross Ainslie I saw how devoted he was in helping animals.

I attended J.L. Ilsley High School 1974-1977, then went on to get a diploma from International Correspondence School in Animal Science in 1995.

I enjoy learning all aspects of the Veterinary Field and working with animals every day. I also love that every day at this job there are new and exciting things to see every day and I love animals and learning about them every day.

A fun fact about me is that I love horses and riding I owned a horse for 27 years.


dog with muzzle

Your Dog's Fear is Real

Fear in dogs is not unusual in a veterinary office setting, just as we may have some fear or trepidation surrounding doctor or dentist visits for ourselves. Labels for these dogs have sometimes been applied in years gone by, such as “bad” or “vicious,” but we now know much more about fear responses in dogs,and fear-based aggression can be excruciatingly real for these canine patients.

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