Site Coordinator/RVT

I grew up in Calgary, AB where I began my animal career in emergency and feline specialty medicine. I am a graduate of the Animal Health Technician Program, Olds Alberta and have been registered as a technician for 22 years.

I am very fortunate to have worked in different areas of animal medicine and I truly enjoy all aspect of this profession. My fondness of animals and desire to help provide care for them is my driving factor for why I chose this profession. I am lucky to work with such a talented group of people who are passionate about the quality care they provide for our patients and our clients.

A fun fact about me is that I love to exercise and be outdoors especially during the summer months at one of our amazing beaches in NS. Also, I have one amazing orange tabby named Moose who has quite the personality.


dog with muzzle

Your Dog's Fear is Real

Fear in dogs is not unusual in a veterinary office setting, just as we may have some fear or trepidation surrounding doctor or dentist visits for ourselves. Labels for these dogs have sometimes been applied in years gone by, such as “bad” or “vicious,” but we now know much more about fear responses in dogs,and fear-based aggression can be excruciatingly real for these canine patients.

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